Phallic lamp goes viral, but not for its use of bioplastic : Biofuels Digest

2022-09-03 07:14:36 By : Mr. Hill Lee Sawtru

In London, the “boner lamp” is going viral for its suggestive shape and even more suggestive method of turning on and off, but the fact that it uses an undisclosed bioplastic for its, er, shaft, also deserves a nod. 

Created by an artist known only as Monsby, the lamp is named San Francisco Boner. Meant to be wall-mounted, the lamp is turned on by lowering a sheath to reveal the bulb and turned off by the opposite action. It is available on Monsby’s site for $500, and for an additional $500, you can get a fancy wooden box to stash it in when mom comes for a visit. Other premium options include rows of spikes or rhinestones at the base. 

Monsby recently told DesignBoom that the lamp was under development for about a year. “It had different names during that period: phallamp, lampenis, etc. After all, the main idea of this lamp is not in the similarity with the penis, although, of course, it is funny. It is about love, light, and life. The most meaningful and optimistic lamp ever.” 

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